How does TikTok’s fancy grilled cheese recipe compare to a classic grilled cheese sandwich?

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Grilled cheeses are the cornerstone of every diet, and the most important part of the grilled cheese is, of course, the cheese pull.

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The cheese pull is a beautiful sight of stringy cheese being pulled apart from either a super cheesy slice of pizza or the two gooey halves of a grilled cheese sandwich.

TikTok is obsessed with this fancy, classy grilled cheese recipe that uses brie cheese and blueberry jam — but is it really better than the classic recipe with simple cheese slices and mayo?

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There’s only one way to find out — comparing the cheese pulls.

What you need to make TikTok’s fancy grilled cheese

Everyone knows how to make a basic grilled cheese — and for this one, we’ll be using mozzarella slices.

We’ll need brie, blueberry jam and sourdough toast. Heat everything together, and we’ve got our fancy grilled cheese.

Now for the moment of truth: Let’s measure the cheese pulls of our classic vs. fancy sandwiches to determine the ultimate grilled cheese.

Which has the longest cheese pull: TikTok’s fancy grilled cheese or a classic grilled cheese?

Mozzarella is arguably one of the most impressive cheeses when it comes to cheese pulls, so it came as no surprise that the classic grilled cheese surpassed 15 inches long.

But, I will say that the fancy grilled cheese — despite showcasing a measly cheese pull of only 4 inches — did make up for its poor performance in taste. Who would’ve thought to put jam in a grilled cheese?

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