What does 'pzoom' mean and how does the fake driving TikTok trend work?

On June 14, @lightskinyogi posted a video where he mimed getting into an invisible car and using its steering wheel. What had users stunned was the moment he hit the gas and actually zoomed away. When @lightskinyogi denied people's speculation that he filmed the video in reverse, people on TikTok asked him to prove it. TikTokers asked the trickster to 'pzoom' with the TV set on, when moving something in the background first and with his back showing. He completed every request, leaving people even more baffled. So it turns out the videos are actually shot in reverse, despite @lightskinyogi's denial. Snopes reversed one of his videos to demonstrate how much more natural the movements look that way. The user is pushing himself backward, which makes it appear as though he is gliding forward when reversed. In the video where he is asked to move something in the background first there is a dead giveaway. The plant begins to move before he touches it and when he puts it down it's absolutely still. The plant's movements make sense in reverse. It should be still before he moves it, then shake after he puts it down