What does 'no cap' mean?

You might have seen people saying “no cap” (sometimes presented as the baseball cap emoji) in comments or captions all over TikTok. According to Urban Dictionary, when someone writes “no cap,” it “basically means that they’re not lying or ‘capping’ like they did something” . In other words, people say “no cap” to convey that they’re being totally and completely honest. An example sentence included is, “That was good, no cap”. In 2019, Terrell Wade, who often defines hip-hop terms on his YouTube channel, explained, “The word ‘cap’ pretty much just means ‘lie'”. Therefore, ”no cap” is essentially the equivalent of “no lie”. Videos tagged #nocap have amassed over 727 million views on TikTok. Most of the TikToks use the term to highlight something that feels unreal