What does ‘Kenough’ mean on TikTok?

Editor’s Note: There are spoilers for Barbie in the following article.

TikTokers are telling each other they are “Kenough” after seeing Barbie. But what are people trying to say with this phrase?

What does “Kenough” mean?

At the end of Barbie, Ken (Ryan Gosling) wears a tie-dye hoodie that says, “I am Kenough” — meshing his name with the word “enough.” This comes after Ken realizes that he is more than just an accessory to Barbie (Margot Robbie) and has a personality of his own. The moment put a bookend on the story but began a movement behind Gosling’s character.

Also, in the final verse of “I’m Just Ken” — one of the movie’s seminal tracks — Ken sings, “I’m just Ken (and I’m enough).” From there, Ken fans merged the two, making the trending phrase.

How is ‘Kenough’ used on TikTok?

On TikTok, users are mainly using the term in the comment section of any Ken-related post or use the hashtag #kenough — which already has 45.1 million views.

“He’s #kenough in our eyes,” wrote @uniteppk in their post.

The viewers continued the bit in the comment section of this video and are showing where and how to get a “Kenough” hoodie.

“WE ARE KENOUGH,” commented @l14m_c3p0.

“KENOUGH IS KENOUGH,” replied @sabrina…agnew.

On top of telling people they are “Kenough,” TikTokers also describe other users as having ‘Kenergy’ when they act like Ken. Users have embraced this term even more, as the hashtag #kenergy has nearly 100 million views.

Other Ken-related trends on TikTok

The phrase “Kenough” isn’t the only thing people have started bringing into the real world after the movie. Another trending phrase from the movie is “Mojo Dojo Casa House,” which is what Ken renamed the Barbie Dreamhouse. His house was filled with horses, looked less tidy than the original dream house and had a different feel to it. Many TikTokers can relate to Ken’s house and feel that they are living somewhere that feels similar.

“Realizing I live in the Mojo Dojo Casa House,” wrote @coolestgirlintheworld99.

From Ken’s songs to his hoodie to where he lived, many TikTokers are now obsessed with Ken’s personality and are willing to bring it into the real world — showing how much “Kenergy” they truly have.

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