Does Katherine Heigl Have Kids? All About Her Family

The 'Firefly Lane' actress has three children with husband Josh Kelley.

For fans, Katherine Heigl's first foray into motherhood was in the movie Knocked Up in 2007. The film, which saw Heigl star opposite Seth Rogen, centered around a one-night-stand-turned-unintended pregnancy and grossed more than $219 million globally. In real life, 2007 turned out to be a meaningful year for Heigl's future family, too: It was the year she married her husband, Josh Kelley, with whom she now shares three kids. Read on for more precious details about Katherine Heigl's children.

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How many children does Katherine Heigl have?

Katherine Heigl has three children with Josh Kelley. The Firefly Lane actress and Kelley adopted Naleigh from South Korea in September 2009. They adopted Adalaide in the U.S. in April 2012. And Heigl gave birth to a son, Joshua, on Dec. 20, 2016.

Who is the father of Katherine Heigl's children?

Josh Kelley is Katherine Heigl's husband and the father of the couple's three children. Kelley is a musician with hits like "Amazing," "Only You" and "Georgia Clay." Heigl and Kelley met on the set of his video for "Only You," which starred Heigl, in 2005 and got hitched on Dec. 23, 2017, in Utah.

About a year-and-a-half into their marriage, Heigl touched on the pair's romance. "I was fed up with trying to be somebody else and got really lucky and met a great guy who loved me for me," she spilled.

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Are Katherine Heigl's children adopted?

Two of Katherine Heigl's three children are adopted. Heigl and her husband, Josh Kelley, adopted Naleigh from South Korea in September 2009 and Adalaide in the U.S. in April 2012. Heigl delivered the couple's third child, a boy named Joshua, on Dec. 20, 2016—three days before the couple toasted their ninth wedding anniversary (likely in a sleepless haze).

Heigl revealed in an interview for the February 2023 issue of Red that she let Kelley know early on in their relationship that starting a family via adoption was non-negotiable for her. (Heigl's older sister Meg was adopted from South Korea before Heigl was born.)

"About six months after meeting my now-husband I was, like, 'I'd better get a few things straight now: marriage and having a family are both really important to me; starting a family with adoption is also really important to me,'" she said.

"'If those things don't speak to you, we should part ways.' Luckily, he was, like, 'I'm down with that!'"

Who are Katherine Heigl's children?

Katherine Heigl is a mom to daughters Naleigh and Adalaide and son Joshua. She shares all three children with her husband, Josh Kelley.

Nancy Leigh Mi-Eun "Naleigh"

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Nancy Leigh Mi-Eun "Naleigh" is the eldest daughter of Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley. The pair adopted her from South Korea in September 2009. In honor of her 13th birthday in 2021, Heigl posted sweet photos of Naleigh through the years.

"The first two photos are the first two photos @joshbkelley and I received of our beautiful baby daughter Nancy Leigh Mi-Eun as she waited in Seoul Korea to come home to us, and we waited in LA to hold the baby we already loved. I’m not gonna lie…I’m tearing up a little…ok a lot…looking through these photos," Heigl wrote.

In 2010, Heigl divulged that she felt confident as a mom, saying, "It could all turn to crap when my daughter turns 13 or something. But, I think as of right now, we are so into it and confident as parents like, 'We're in charge.' We're the cliche, typical couple who's talking about poopie diapers and stuff. We're always communicating about those more than we probably talk about anything else. I know we'll eventually chill out."

Adalaide Marie Hope

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Adalaide Marie Hope is the second daughter of Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley. She was born in Louisiana and adopted by the couple in the U.S. in April 2012.

"She’s all fire and feistiness. She’s warm morning snuggles and late evening cuddles. She is a fierce and bossy lover of animals, her sister, her cousin and her little brother," Heigl wrote in a post celebrating her birthday in 2018.

Joshua Bishop

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Joshua Bishop is the third child and only son of Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley. Unlike his sisters, Naleigh and Adalaide, Joshua was not adopted. The couple announced the Knocked Up actress was pregnant in June 2016, and Joshua was born on Dec. 20, 2016. "He is the perfect completion of us, and as beautiful as our little family was before him, we were not perfectly complete until him," the proud mama wrote in an Instagram post celebrating Joshua's fifth birthday in 2021.

Was Katherine Heigl adopted?

No. Katherine Heigl is the youngest of four children. Her parents are Nancy (née Engelhardt) and Paul Heigl. Nancy gave birth to her on Nov. 24, 1978. One of Heigl's siblings, a sister named Meg, was adopted from South Korea.

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Does Katherine Heigl have an adopted sister?

Yes. Katherine Heigl's parents adopted her older sister Meg from South Korea. Heigl said her own family's makeup inspired her to adopt two of her children, including her eldest daughter, Naleigh, from South Korea.

"My sister Meg is Korean, and my parents adopted her three years before I was born," Heigl explained to Parent & Child. "I wanted my own family to resemble the one I came from, so I always knew I wanted to adopt from Korea. We have talked about having biological children as well, but we decided to adopt first. I just wanted to be a mom."

Where does Katherine Heigl live?

Heigl and her family live in Utah. She told E! News that they settled there in part to avoid raising their kids in Hollywood.

"I didn't know how to raise them in L.A., so I felt like I could do it here," she said. "I could be more on top of things that scare me and I could be more on top of the kinds of friends they have and places they're going, the kind of activities they're involved in—and what the hell they're doing on their phones!"

The move away from Hollywood also allowed Heigl to lead a less frenetic life as an actress.

"I could kind of decompress and let that hustle part of me go—a little bit," she said. "I don't know that in any career you can ever completely stop hustling, but being able to separate it a little bit and choose those times of hustle versus just being in it constantly was really important to me."

Do Katherine Heigl's kids act?

It's unclear if Katherine Heigl's kids partake in drama club or put on plays at the family's home in Utah. But Heigl has tried to shield her kids from the spotlight. She moved her family from Los Angeles to Utah, in part to get away from the press.

"Having the freedom to be ourselves as fully as we can be without the extra scrutiny is really what made Utah sacred to us," Heigl told Parade about her decision to raise her brood in Utah. "Plus, the people here have been incredibly welcoming and kind and supportive. It’s a real community."

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