'Always wondered how they do this': TikToker answers the most common question she gets as a DJ

A DJ is sharing a behind-the-scenes look at how she manages to take a quick bathroom break during really long sets.

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Amelie Lens (@amelielenske) is a Belgian DJ and the owner of the Lenske record label. She’s been performing since 2014 and, according to a tweet she sent out in early May, a common career question she gets asked is how she manages to take bathroom breaks during a nine-hour set.

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She shared a TikTok answering the question and showing the team of people who help her pull off the task without anyone in the audience knowing any different.

First, Lens said she chooses a long track and then dances away from the booth. After she’s properly surrounded and protected by security, the group runs to the nearby bathroom stalls. Luckily, Lens gets to skip the line so she can hurry back to the show before the beat drops.

Commenters loved the insider look into how a DJ can survive such long performances.

“Always wondered how they do this,” someone else said.

“This is also why I don’t drink during my sets lmao,” another DJ commented on Lens’s video.

“A DJ’s worst nightmare,” a commenter joked. “But you smashed it though.”

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