This DJ’s vivacious drag alter ego is inspired by his favorite pop divas

Emerald Pellot
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Jon is a DJ who wanted to walk in the heels of a drag queen.

Hosts Jasmine Rice LaBeija and Marti Gould Cummings unleashed Jon’s inner pop princess in this episode of Dragged.

“I’m a New York City-based DJ. I work for you guys often and I want to step into your shoes for a bit,” Jon explained.

He chose the name Ali Bops because he’s a DJ with great taste in music.

“Personality — she likes to dance but she’s also a little demure,” Jon said of his drag alter-ego.

When Jon got his makeup done he couldn’t believe it didn’t feel super-heavy.

“I’m a woman!” he declared. “I always thought it felt like a lot on your face, but it doesn’t feel like anything.”

Jon also noted that the makeup instantly changed how he carried himself.

“The more I look at myself, the more I feel like I should be sitting a certain way,” he said as he posed in the mirror.

Jasmine and Marti chose a jewel-toned purple skirt, metallic teal heels and a cool-toned wig with blues and purples for Ali Bops’ look.

“I feel like a brand new version of myself,” Jon said.

Jasmine did however advise Ali Bops to come up with a catchphrase.

“Pop it. Soak it in. Bop it up,” Jon said, mimicking the Bop It children’s toy.

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