Dixie D'Amelio faces backlash over Vogue video

Dixie D’Amelio is facing a slew of backlash in response to her appearance in a recent Vogue video. On Jan. 28, Vogue uploaded a clip titled, “24 Hours With TikTok Star Dixie D’Amelio,”. which followed the 19-year-old as she traversed her Los Angeles apartment before showing up 45 minutes late to the studio to record new music. The 11-minute video currently has more than 16,000 dislikes on YouTube, . with several commenters asking why a publication like Vogue would give so much attention to a TikTok star who didn’t seem to have much to talk about. For the most part, the backlash revolved around D’Amelio’s comments on growing up and not wanting to attend college. “The fact that she turned down going to college, literally getting an education, because she didn’t want to get embarrassed if people played her songs at frat parties,” one person pointed out. Others brought up the point that D’Amelio seemed comfortable enough traveling to the Bahamas amid a global pandemic. Instead of going to college, D’Amelio said she decided to get her own place to learn to be independent. “She has so much money she bought a house to ‘practice’ living alone,” a commenter said