Disneyland Reopens Completely Redesigned, More Inclusive Toontown

After a year-long closure, the California theme park is finally ready to welcome guests back to Mickey's Toontown.

Disneyland is finally ready to welcome guests to a completely reimagined version of its beloved Toontown–one that makes the magic accessible to every guest.

The theme park initially closed Mickey's Toontown in early 2022, explaining that the company had big plans to transform the area home to iconic attractions, like Mickey and Minnie's houses, into a more inclusive experience that prioritizes accessibility.

Now, the company is ready for visitors to enjoy the newly transformed land, unveiling its redesign and officially reopening Mickey's Toontown on Sunday, Mar. 19.

"We want every child to know that when they came to this land that this land was designed for them," Jeffrey Shaver-Moskowitz, executive portfolio producer at Walt Disney Imagineering, told CNBC. "That they were seen, and that this place was welcoming to them."



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"We know a day at Disneyland can be hectic and chaotic, running from one attraction to another, one reservation to the next," he said. "We wanted Toontown to not only be exciting, but also decompressing and relaxing and welcoming."

Mickey's Toontown, which first opened at the Anaheim, California park in 1993, is now home to quiet areas, shaded spots, and more inclusive play areas for visitors–including a completely wheelchair-accessible land, softer paint colors and a remixed soundtrack of soothing tunes that are played throughout the land to make Toontown more approachable and appealing to those that may have more sensitive auditory and visual processing.

"We really wanted to take a look at Toontown, knowing how important it was for so many of our guests for many generations growing up and the so many memories here that are connected to the land, and make sure we don’t lose any of that," Shaver-Moskowitz explained. "But, bring a lot of new magic."

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A few of the notable additions to the park include a small fenced-off area for babies to safely crawl around and explore and Goofy’s new play yard, which features a wheelchair-accessible playground–including its slides–a sound garden, and the climbable play area dubbed Fort Max.

Also opening tomorrow is the brand new family-friendly attraction Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, the kid-friendly water experiences at Donald Duck's Pond, plenty of shopping at EngineEars souvenir shop, as well as a revamped food menu and two new restaurants–Cafe Daisy and Good Boy!–offering a more comprehensive array of selections.

The main entrance to Toontown, CenTOONial Park, has also been revamped with interactive experiences, per the Disneyland website.

"We are trying to make sure we’re thinking of every single guest in here," Shaver-Moskowitz concluded, adding, "Making sure that every little one who comes to play here feels like we’ve designed the space for them."

Disney also confirmed character meet-and-greets have officially returned and that Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy, Pluto, Clarabelle, Goofy, and for the first time ever, Pete, will all be around waiting for guests to take photos.

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