Disneyland footage of Evil Queen’s interaction with 15-year-old boy goes viral on TikTok

The Evil Queen from Disney’s “Snow White” might have to change her name now that footage from a heartwarming Disneyland exchange has gone viral.

Dad-run TikTok account @MagicWithThomas, which documents his son Thomas’s magical interactions with Disneyland characters, gained millions of views and hundreds of thousands of comments after uploading this special encounter with the Evil Queen.

While we’ve seen Disney villains go viral on TikTok in the past — like Maleficent, who refused to break character when a tiny doppelgänger toddled up to her — but rarely do they fail to live up to their names or reputations, as in the case of this “Snow White” matriarch.

Thomas, described by his dad as a “special needs teen,” has been stealing hearts across TikTok since 2021 — but it’s his latest interaction with the Evil Queen that’s pulling users’ heartstrings.

Quite unlike the Minnie Mouse actor who one family accused of being “rude” to their 3-year-old daughter, TikTokers are applauding this Disneyland actor for her level of commitment to Disney guests — especially those on the spectrum, as in Thomas’s case.

In the touching footage, the Evil Queen begins by greeting Thomas with all the regality of a true monarch.

“Thomas! Is that you, my dear? My goodness, what a time! I did ask my Magic Mirror for you,” she says before gently taking his hand and inviting him on a stroll.

The two then walk together down the path as the Evil Queen bellows, “Make way for royalty!”

“Thomas is safe and understood [at Disneyland]. Cast members take good care of him and they show a genuine happiness/excitement to see him,” Thomas’s dad writes in the video.

Together, Thomas and the Evil Queen stop beside the castle to admire all the different sights and sounds around them — including the softness of a nearby leaf and the velvety cape of the not-so-Evil-Queen.

“Sensory QUEEN🤌🍃💜😍” one TikTok user commented on the heartwarming moment.

“She understands he likes to touch and feel things,” another user wrote.

At one point, Thomas steps up onto the railing to look into the water — and instinctively, the Disney actress counters him to ensure his safety, but never once steps out of character or misses a beat in the conversation.

“The subtle body language of her protecting him over the railing is incredible. She needs a raise,” one user commented.

“I love that she leaned in to make sure he was safe ❤️,” another user wrote.

“The magic of acting out of character while being completely in character. 😌,” commented one user.

Hundreds of thousands of TikTokers have expressed their love for the Evil Queen’s gentle, engaging behavior with Thomas — and all of Disneyland’s character actors.

“‘Why do you love Disney so much?’ This. This is why,” one user wrote.

“THIS! This is the Disney we know and love,” commented another.

“Whatever they are paying cast members, it isn’t enough. it’s truly beautiful to see them interact with people with special needs,” one user commented.

“Dude, as a mother with a child on the spectrum who is equally Disney obsessed, these videos mean so much,” another user wrote.

“As parents with a child on the spectrum nothing means more than kindness and understanding to our children 💙🫶🏼,” one user wrote.

“I haven’t taken my kids to Disney yet because I’m worried my autistic son will get overstimulated. I love the cast members are so kind 🥰,” one parent wrote.

To this, @MagicWithThomas replied, “The cast members are amazing.”

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