Disney worker surprises guest's 4-year-old son — even after she yelled at him: 'It made my whole trip'

A Disney worker learned a heartwarming lesson after being yelled at by a customer.

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Comedian Ryan Kelly works as a cast member at Disney Parks. While on a shift at the Princess Storybook Dining experience, he was scolded by a woman for not speaking Spanish. But the sour incident would prove fruitful later on when he encountered the woman again. The touching story received over 2.6 million views on TikTok.

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“One day, I’m at Princess Dining,” Kelly said. “Then a woman comes up to me. She starts speaking a language that I don’t understand — which, spoiler alert, is all but one language — and then she starts yelling at me for not speaking Spanish. That’s the only thing that I can make out about this language.”

Kelly joked that he’s from Missouri, so the woman should have been “thankful I speak English.” To get to the bottom of things, he called over his friend from El Salvador to translate.

“But I can tell right out the gate that he’s pretty confused. And then, after they’re done having their conversation, I go, ‘What was she saying?’ And he goes, ‘Well, she was mad at you for not speaking Spanish,'” he explained.

When Kelly asked his friend what language the woman was speaking, the friend told him, “Don’t worry. Not your fault. It was Portuguese.'” That meant the comedian was yelled at in Portuguese for his inability to speak Spanish.

Kelly, confused as ever, began preparing for his next shift, where he’d dress as Spider-Man and take photos with visitors. Confounded, he looked up some words and phrases in Portuguese. Then, to his surprise, the woman who had yelled at him was first in line for a photo — and even better, she’d have no way of recognizing him.

“The woman who just yelled at me in Portuguese is [at the] front of my line,” he said. “And then she goes and gets her 4-year-old son, who’s just so excited to meet Spider-Man.”

The woman walked her son over to Kelly. He could see her son was nervous. She explained (in Spanish) that her son didn’t speak English.

“I realized in that moment why he’s nervous is because he doesn’t speak English, and he doesn’t know how to talk to Spider-Man,” Kelly said. “And I know exactly what that just felt like. So I go, ‘no problem.’ And I drop down to one knee, and I go, ‘boa tarde, tudo bem,’ and he lights up because Spider-Man speaks what he speaks.”

Kelly told the boy, “good afternoon,” and “it’s all right.” Sadly, Kelly had no idea what the 4-year-old responded with in Portuguese, but he was happy the encounter with the mom led to him making her son’s day.

“Oh my god, I’m Brazilian, and your pronunciation is really good, Ryan. Loved the story,” one person commented.

“That was the sweetest thing I’ve heard all day,” another said.

“This is so sweet! When I was younger, Spider-Man at Universal spoke some Portuguese with me, and I can definitely say it made my whole trip,” someone added.

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