The Disney Parks Moms Panel Is Hiring (and if You're Selected, You Could Win a Free Trip)

If you've been to Cinderella's castle more times than you can count on one hand and you don't even mind getting the “It's a Small World” tune stuck in your head on repeat, we have the best-ever job for you. 

This September, Disney Parks (which includes Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Lines) is inviting moms, dads and grandparents—pretty much anyone who counts themselves as a Disney buff—to apply for a coveted spot on the Disney Parks Moms Panel, a popular online forum designed to supply firsthand advice to anyone planning a Disney vacation. 

Sample job requirements: being in the know enough to recommend the most incredible experiences for toddlers at Disneyland Resort's new Pixar Pier or savvy enough to tell parents exactly what to order off the menu at Woody's Lunch Box in the newly opened Toy Story Land. 

The reward if you're selected for the 2019 panel? An all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World for Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzels training, plus a separate trip for you and up to three guests as a thank you for sharing your Disney expertise with other (super-grateful) Disney parents.

The application period is open September 5 through 12. All you have to do is visit to pitch your case about why you should be a part of the magic.

BRB, listening to the Moana soundtrack on repeat to get in the zone.

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