Disney Parks faces backlash for requiring guests to wear masks

On May 16, Disney Parks notified the public

that it would conduct a phased reopening of

Disney Springs in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

In its blog post, Disney Parks noted that

it would require all visitors 3 years and

older to wear face coverings.

“This is an important part of protecting both

our guests and our cast. Please be sure you

have an ample amount of face coverings for

yourself and your party before you arrive”.

That rule apparently didn’t sit

well with several readers, who

fired back at Disney Parks.

A Twitter user managed to compile a number of

the responses, which, in turn, have gone viral.

Among the responses was one that read, “I’m sorry

but I and my family will not be coming to Disney

Springs with these ridiculous rules especially

wearing of the mask. Masks should be optional”.

Another one read, “No thanks. Masks and temperature

checks are not very magical no matter how you

try to paint it. Plus masks are meant to be worn

for short periods of time. Not all day long”.

Many Twitter users have since condemned

the critics who posted on Disney Parks’ blog.

“People are complaining about wearing

masks and getting their temperature checked

because it’s ‘not very magical’ and ‘doesn’t fit

with the Disney vibe’ … safety first”.

“Disney will be much safer without those

people … Protect the workers,” another wrote.

Though it initially discouraged it, the

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

now recommends that people wear cloth

face coverings in public settings