Disney Is Entirely Changing Splash Mountain To Get Rid Of Controversial 'Song Of The South' Imagery

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Photo credit: Martin Keene - PA Images - Getty Images
Photo credit: Martin Keene - PA Images - Getty Images

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Disney announced today they have plans to "reimagine" the Splash Mountain ride at both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. The decision comes amidst the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests that are taking place around the country, and Splash Mountain is based on Disney's problematic 1946 movie Song of the South.

Song of the South is a movie that has been criticized in the past for its stereotypical representations of Black characters. Due to this history, Disney made the decision not to include Song of the South on the Disney+ streaming service when it launched.

In light of the recent protests, Disney announced that they would be redesigning Splash Mountain rides with a Princess and the Frog theme. (If you somehow are unfamiliar, TPATF was a 2009 Disney filmthe first Disney movie with a Black princess as the lead). A recent Change.org petition with over 21,000 signatures also called to action a redesign of the famous ride to represent The Princess and The Frog instead.

According to a CNN report, Splash Mountain will now follow the story of what happens after the final kiss in The Princess and the Frog. The story takes place in a New Orleans bayou, so it would easily fit with the water ride's design. Disney said the concept and design are already well underway.

Some parts of Disneyland and Disney World have plans to reopen under new guidelines by mid-July. Only time will tell when the new Princess and the Frog ride will be ready and open to the public.

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