You can make DraftKings sports bets using your Dish DVR

Place bets with the same TV you use to watch the game.


If you've ever wanted to bet on a sports event using your TV in addition to watching the match itself you now have your chance. Dish has reached a "strategic agreement" that brings DraftKings' sports betting and daily fantasy features to Hopper devices. So long as it's legal where you live, you can make bets on NBA, NCAA basketball and NHL teams with your DVR and tune in to see whether your predictions were on the mark.

The DraftKings app is available to any Hopper user in eligible states, and you can use the app regardless of whether or not you're watching a game. It doesn't have to be live, either.

You can expect more beyond the Hopper access, too. Dish's deal will expand DraftKings to other services, including Boost Mobile's network and Sling TV. It's difficult to imagine someone switching to one of these services just to get easier access to betting or fantasy sports, but the DraftKings pact could give you a reason to stay if you were thinking of leaving for a rival provider.