Dippin’ Dots Is Opening A Flagship Store With Doc Popcorn In New York City

From Delish

Dippin' Dots is finally getting what it deserves: an actual store dedicated to the treat in the heart of the Big Apple. The iconic brand of flash-frozen beaded ice cream is opening a flagship store with Doc Popcorn in New York City, and it’s the sweet and savory store of our dreams.

Opening in early April, the dual-concept store is currently under construction in Manhattan's Flatiron District near Madison Square Park. It will offer all of the classic Dippin' Dots flavors—including Rainbow, Cookies and Cream, and Banana Split—along with seven flavors of Doc Popcorn's gourmet, kettle-cooked popcorn, like Better Butter and Caramel Bliss.

"I grew up like many others eating Dippin' Dots exclusively at an amusement park or sports game," the new store’s franchisee Neil Hershman said in a press release. "I wanted to bring that same experience to the millions of young adults and families traveling through Manhattan daily, knowing full well the multi-generational brand recognition that Dippin' Dots has earned by making such a delicious and unique treat for 30+ years."

While the tradition of getting the treat at a stadium (oftentimes in a bowl shaped like a baseball cap!) or from a vending machine will never die, having the option to go straight to a store knowing it’ll have exactly what you’re looking for (instead of chancing it at a convenience store) is ideal. You can follow the store's Instagram for all construction updates and details about its official opening—hopefully, that'll include free Dippin' Dots. Just a thought!

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