Diplo Explains What It Was Like to Run the L.A. Marathon on LSD

Star producer and DJ Diplo is known for his feats of partying more than his feats of athleticism, but 44-year-old musician impressed fans back in March by completing the L.A. Marathon in under four hours. They were even more amazed when he revealed on Instagram that he ran the entire thing on LSD.

In a new interview with Esquire, Diplo explained what the experience was like and why he chose to dose a 26.2-mile footrace.

"I do a lot of LSD, but I’m not tripping and looking at the stars going 'Whaaa?'" he told the magazine. "I microdose it, maybe a little more."

The DJ revealed that he had never run more than 14 miles before attempting the marathon. "But woke up kind of late, put it in my water and drank it on the way to Dodger Stadium. It was maybe half of a tab of acid," he said.

Diplo said the LSD helped the early part of the race melt away...literally.

"I had a pace setter I was with and we were talking the whole time, and after like seven miles I looked at my phone and was like, 'Man, I’m doing like seven minute miles,'" he recalled. "I was running really fast, but I wasn’t focusing on my body. I was having a conversation. My body started to break down by mile 17. It was the longest I had ever ran and I didn’t even notice it. I attribute that to the LSD."

Although he said he "wouldn't recommend anyone else do it," the genre-hopping hit-maker was happy he decided to experiment. "It made the time go by fast, and the worst thing about running is how boring it is," he said. "It’s boring as hell."

As for how the drug fits into his party lifestyle? "I weaned myself off alcohol by moving to LSD," he mused. Whether the psychedelic counts as a performance-enhancing drug remains to be seen.