Diddy Blow Drying His Daughter's Hair Leaves Fans Torn

Fans had polarizing thoughts about Diddy and Dana Tran's parental decisions.

On February 22, Diddy shared a reel on Instagram of his four-month-old baby Love Sean Combs getting her hair blow-dried by her mom, Dana Tran.

The video was meant to show a sweet glimpse at parenthood, but it had fans and fellow celebrities completely divided.

"Playing Games" singer Summer Walker thought it was an adorable moment, commenting, "This so cute," as rapper Bia agreed, writing, "Toooo cute!!!!!"

However, many fans were concerned about the parents' use of a hair dryer on the little one, with worries that it'd be directly blowing heat into the girl's face.

"Why she’s blowing that baby hair…SMH," commented a fan. Another interjected, "You can tell they haven't had a baby in a long time…just don't know what to do…a blow dryer?? Really?"

Black Love's Kita Williams shared her thoughts, too, adding, "Issa BIG NO! Please no blow dryer 🙏🏽."

But as some fans pointed out, it's very likely that Love's parents were responsible and dried her hair on the "cool" setting, rather than having hot air blow directly into the baby's face.

"People are so darn idioticcc!!!! Why in the world would the dryer be on HOT!! You know there's a COOL air setting right? Where it's cold? Appreciate the cute baby and get out! Jeez," wrote a fan. Another observant fan pointed out that "clearly sis was checking the temperature when she aimed it at her hands some ppl on this app really need to get them some business & stop worrying about others."

A few others insisted that the temperature wasn't the issue at all, with one noting, "Cold or hot the noise level is too much 🙄 Hell it’s hurting my ears and I’m watching the video."

Diddy paid no mind to his fans' polarizing opinions either way—and little Love's blowout sure looks adorable.