We Did a Deep Dive on ‘The Bachelorette’ Star Mario Vassall So You Don’t Have To

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Last night, it felt like the world stopped to watch Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season premiere of The Bachelorette—and for a good reason! This is the first time in the history of the franchise that two people helm the title of Bachelorette at the same time, which comes with its fair share of heartbreaking moments, according to the end of last night’s episode. But I digress! Back to last night, aka when we were introduced to the initial 32 suitors competing for love on this season, and the two who stood out most to Gabby and Rachel! Enter: Mario and Tino.

Gabby was especially into Mario and sweetly said, “You led with really good questions. And you’re so sweet and genuine, and I feel like we got off to the right foot.” S’cute! If Mario floats your boat (and/or you wanna find out more about *that* kiss he shared with Gabby), read on for everything you need to know about the Illinois native!

Photo credit: Mario Vassall - Instagram
Photo credit: Mario Vassall - Instagram

Mario is a personal trainer

Mario is beyond passionate about his career. In fact, his LinkedIn page page reveals that he has owned his own business, Inspired by Rio, since 2017 and was inspired to open it after he started working out in 2015. “As I continued in my fitness journey, others would turn to me for direction, which led me into personal training. I now use social media as a platform to inspire others toward a more healthy lifestyle. I create weekly instructional fitness videos and promote a variety of programs tailored to client goals,” he writes.

In addition, Mario’s Instagram is filled to the brim with many many shirtless photos and videos of himself breaking a sweat, along with pics of his clients.

Gabby herself was an NFL cheerleader for the Denver Broncos from the 2016 season until the 2020 season, so there’s no doubt she also loves to keep active and break a sweat. TBH, if I saw these two at my local gym, I would simply pack it up for the day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

He’s a Midwestern boy

The 31-year-old Bachelorette contestant hails from Naperville, Illinois, which is truly 🤯🤯🤯 since Gabby was born in O’Fallon, Illinois. Obsessed!

He loves Tetris (yes, really)

According to The Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer, Mario loves the game. “He’s also a Tetris champion, which I immediately give him full props and respect for. He’s a self-proclaimed nerd,” Jesse revealed in Us Weekly’s Here for the Right Reasons podcast. What’s more? “Great personality, phenomenal dancer...Big energy. Mario brings the juice. Big energy, really funny, he’s a great guy, good time to be around. He’s the dude in the room—when they’re all sitting on the couches and they’re all talking—everyone’s laughing because of what Mario said. But he is looking for his forever partner.” Um okay...I’m not not crying. More Mario pics incoming, just ’cause:

He has the sweetest show aspirations

ABC describes Mario as “a ball of energy with a smile that lights up the room” who is “emotionally available and proudly wears his heart on his sleeve.” He hopes that being on The Bachelorette will help him find “a woman in tune with her emotions and someone to share a good meal and conversation with.” BRB, putting this on my manifestation wall, Pinterest journal, and maybe making it my screensaver?!

He already shared a kiss with the Bachelorette!

The convo between Mario and Gabby last night was truly *chef’s kiss*, and there were definitely a lot of ~feels~ on both sides. As the two kept talking, Mario touched Gabby’s knee, and boom, they started kissing in a make-out that sent Twitter spiraling. How-ev-er! In the Bachelorette contestant’s defense, he could have just been nervous. I mean, you try having a first kiss in front of a bunch of producers!

Anyway, we’re sure that this is only the beginning for these two, so we’ll keep you updated on anything else you need to know about Mario right here as he progresses through the competition.

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