Did Cocaine Bear Kill Anyone? The True Story Behind 'Cocaine Bear'

How much of the "Cocaine Bear" true story is in the movie?

Cocaine Bear is marketed as being based on a true story—but how much of the Cocaine Bear true story is in the movie? As it turns out, the true story behind Cocaine Bear is actually a little boring and pretty sad—but, of course, the film makes it seem much more intriguing (and terrifying).

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"Cocaine Bear"<p>Universal Pictures</p>
"Cocaine Bear"

Universal Pictures

What is Cocaine Bear based on?

Cocaine Bear is based on a true news story from 1985 about a bear that died after ingesting a whole lot of cocaine in the woods.

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What is the story behind Cocaine Bear?

In December 1985, UPI (via The New York Times) reported that a 175-pound black bear "died of an overdose of cocaine after discovering a batch of the drug." The report continues, “The cocaine was apparently dropped from a plane piloted by Andrew Thornton, a convicted drug smuggler who died Sept. 11 in Knoxville, Tenn., because he was carrying too heavy a load while parachuting. The bureau said the bear was found Friday in northern Georgia among 40 opened plastic containers with traces of cocaine.”

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Did Cocaine Bear kill anyone?

The real-life Cocaine Bear isn't known to have harmed anyone. The poor guy just ate a really bad snack.

Where is Cocaine Bear based?

The real-life Cocaine Bear's remains were found in Fannin County, Georgia, just south of the Tennessee border, The Associated Press reported. Today, a taxidermied Cocaine Bear is on display in Lexington, Kentucky, at the Kentucky Fun Mall.

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