Did You Catch Sophia Bush’s Nod to 'Chicago P.D.' During Her Debut on 'This Is Us?'

Photo credit: NBC
Photo credit: NBC

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  • Sophia Bush guest-starred as a woman named Lizzy on This Is Us.

  • The actress's new character gave a nod to her former role on Chicago P.D. as Detective Erin Lindsay.

A familiar face showed up during the midseason premiere of This Is Us and fans are shook.

Sophia Bush just made her debut on the popular NBC series as a guest star, nearly three years after her exit from Chicago P.D. Despite the controversy surrounding her departure from the network's hit crime drama, the actress's new character on This Is Us still seemed to give a shout-out to her former role.

Photo credit: NBC
Photo credit: NBC

Sophia was introduced as Lizzy, who Kevin (Justin Hartley) quickly falls for after what appears to be a perfect meet-cute in a local coffee shop. While he hoped this could be the fairy-tale romance he's been searching for, Lizzy admitted that she's just visiting Los Angeles and is "a Chicago girl" at heart.

The nod to the Windy City may have gone over most viewers' heads, but longtime Chicago P.D. fans noticed it immediately.

Some viewers even suggested that the worlds of This Is Us and Chicago P.D. were colliding, and Sophia's character was actually undercover.

"I have no choice but to believe that Lizzy is really just Erin Lindsay," one fan wrote, referencing Sophia's P.D. role.

While Lizzy didn't turn out to be a detective, she was definitely not who she said she was. By the end of the episode—after a very elaborate first date involving a private concert by John Legend—Kevin found out that his dream girl was married and had been given a "celebrity hall pass" by her husband.

Sounds like a case for the Chicago P.D., if you ask us!

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