Did Britney Spears Get Plastic Surgery Over The Years? A Plastic Surgeon Weighs In

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Britney Spears‘ enduring beauty and iconic style is well-known, and her fans have recently sought the expertise of a plastic surgeon to evaluate any possible cosmetic enhancements she may have had throughout the years. In a recently released analysis video, Dr. Gary Linkov, a plastic surgeon based in New York City, analyzed the Princess of Pop’s complexion with photos from the beginning of her career and more recent shots.

In the YouTube video, the doctor first pulled up photos of Spears at the age of 17 in 1998, pointing out that she naturally had “nice infra-brow fullness and supertarsal show,” which is a sign of youth. She also had a beautiful natural nose and “cheek volume” to begin with, he stressed.

In 2002, he explained why he thought she might have looked different and possibly undergone a dental procedure. “In 2003 at the age of 22, Britney it seems to me has gotten some form of veneers. Her teeth have a different shape and color compared to prior [photos].” He also looked at photos of the “Toxic” hitmaker from the year 2004 to 2010, and didn’t find any changes in her appearance that would suggest plastic surgery



A Plastic Surgeon Shares What Cosmetic Work Britney Spears Might Have Gotten Done

In 2013, the "...Baby One More Time" singer was 32, and Linkov noted that he thought she might have gotten Botox that year when looking at her skin texture. "Britney may have started to get some Botox around this time to the usual areas; the forehead, the glabella and the crow's feet."

Fans have long speculated that the Crossroads star got a nose job around 2014, and Linkov shared why he agreed with this theory. "In 2014, I think Britney may have had a rhinoplasty." The bridge of her nose, he stressed, "looked more narrow" that year than ever before, and this was likely due to "osteotomies being performed."

This procedure, he said, are when the "bones of the nose at the upper portion of it are essentially broken to allow them to be repositioned to be more narrow in most cases."

He also thought the tip and wings of the "Hold Me Closer" crooner's nose looked more narrow after this point. In 2015, Linkov said he saw "signs of a brow lift."

The following year, Linkov shared that it seemed like "Britney may have started to get some lip filler." The expert then looked at a photo of Spears from 2018 when she was 37.

At this point, he thought she "stopped getting Botox," as he saw more "wrinkles, lines" and other signs of natural aging that Botox would normally conceal. The next year, however, he thought she might have started to get "filler into her cheeks and under-eye" areas.







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"To me, the cheeks are more full, especially medially where she — in the past when she was younger — had that volume and lost some of it with aging." He added, when analyzing red carpet pics of her from 2019: "It looks like she's gotten some of that back and the under-eyes to me also look less hollow."

In 2021, the mom of two turned 40, and this is when Linkov suspects that she got "additional cheek filler, this time more into the lateral portion of her cheek."

He pointed out that she "always had more volume in the medial portion of her cheek," but after this point, she had "more lateral volume along her cheek."







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Oftentimes when cheek fillers are performed, "if they're done well," Linkov emphasized, the "lateral aspect of the cheek is improved with filler to give the appearance of a more heart-shaped face," as seen with Spears.

Now, in 2023, the doctor thinks she might have gotten a "revision brow lift." From the "initial brow lift," he said "it looked like eyebrows were starting to sag again and now they're back repositioned at a higher level."

This, he concluded, could have been the result of a revision brow lift, or "maybe the return of Botox because Botox can lift the brows to a degree but it usually isn't as significant of a change compared to surgery."

Ultimately, the expert stressed that these changes over the years were subtly done, if at all, and that Spears' beauty never wavered. We couldn't agree more!