How Did "That '70s Show" End? What to Know Before Watching Netflix's "That '90s Show"

How Did That '70s Show End?FOX - Getty Images

We're officially making our way back to Point Place, Wisconsin in Netflix's That '90s Show nearly 20 years after the finale of That '70s Show. Set in the summer of 1995, the spin-off to the FOX sitcom follows a new generation of teens — most notably, Eric and Donna's daughter, Leia — as they hang out in the Formans' basement. Some of the original characters from That '70s Show like Eric, Donna, Jackie, Kelso, Fez, Kitty, and Red, have also reunited in the new show.

Before you cozy up on the couch for your binge-watch of That '90s Show, you may be wondering how That '70s Show ended or if you even need to watch it to understand the new series. Here is the That '70s Show ending, explained, as well as what we know about Netflix's spin-off, That '90s Show.

How did That '70s Show end?

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The final episode of That '70s Show's eight-season run originally aired on May 18, 2006 and followed the Point Place gang on New Year's Eve in 1979 — making it the last day of the '70s. Eric's parents, Red and Kitty, decided to stay in Wisconsin after they had been preparing to sell their home and move to Florida.

At the end of the series, Jackie and Fez had just started dating and kissed for the first time at the water tower while Kelso came back to Point Place after moving to Chicago to be closer to his daughter.

Hyde told the group that he and Samantha had broken up and that he wanted to hang out for one last time in Eric's basement. As the New Year's countdown commenced, everyone headed upstairs, leaving the iconic basement empty during the final moments of the series.

Do you need to watch That '70s Show to watch That '90s Show?

that ‘90s show l to r kurtwood smith as red forman, laura prepon as donna pinciotti, callie haverda as leia forman, topher grace as eric forman, debra jo rupp as kitty forman in episode 101 of that ‘90s show cr patrick wymorenetflix © 2022
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That '90s Show calls back to the nostalgia of the original sitcom through cameos from the original cast, but you don't really have to watch the entirety of That '70s Show before diving into the Netflix series. The new show focuses on Eric and Donna's daughter, Leia, who visits her parents' hometown in the summer of 1995. She immediately grows close to the Formans' teen neighbors Gwen and Nate, Nate's girlfriend, Nikki, and their friends, Ozzie and Jay. The adventure that Leia once craved in Chicago actually resides in the basement at her dad's childhood home in Point Place.


Season one of That '90s Show is now available to stream on Netflix, with subscription plans starting at $6.99 per month with ads and $9.99 per month without ads.

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