Diamonds, Sapphires, Skincare, Oh My!

Photo: Coppi Barbieri/Trunk Archive

The Treatment:

A 150-minute body scrub, hot stone massage, and facial treatment trifecta. 

The Promise:
Designed in Paris, this decadent experience is supposed to cleanse, energize, and promote wellbeing throughout your entire body—there’s also talk of diamonds and sapphires. 

The Guru:
Helene, a 20-year veteran of Carita, the official products used for all treatments at Spa Nalai, who trained in Paris and has worked all over the world.

The Backdrop:
Spa Nalai on the 25th floor of the soon-to-open Park Hyatt New York (the hotel occupies floors one through 25 in a 90 floor tower). Each treatment takes place in a private suite (mine had a balcony!), and guests also have access to an indoor pool and fitness center.

The Guinea Pig:
Commuting to New York City from Toronto for work every week has taken its toll, not just physically, but also emotionally. It might sounds like a long time, but my skin, body, and mind needed every single one of those 150 minutes.  

The Scoop:
It turns out my body really likes being rubbed down with jewels. Helene made use of opulent ingredients like diamond powder, tourmaline, sapphire and gold—and I loved everything about it. I’m particularly sensitive to smell, so I could have done without the clove scrub meant to rid my face of dead skin. Other than that, I was so relaxed I was snoozing by the end.

The Results:
My entire body felt silky smooth and I slept like a baby that night thanks to my muscles being in full relaxation mode (brain included!). The next morning I walked into work sans makeup—but with a noticeable glow.