Devastated Horse Grieves the Absence of Her Baby in Video That Makes Us Want to Sob

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She has no idea that her baby was taken to the hospital.

We hate to see animals suffering physically or emotionally. Sometimes, all you can do is offer love and comfort to an animal that is in pain. One horse owner understands this when she provided comfort to her grieving horse all day.

TikTok user @tayaalexus recently shared a video showing her sitting with her grieving horse, Maple, while she mourns the absence of her foal, Ale. The text on the video explains that Ale had to be taken to the veterinarian for eye surgery, but the horse misses her baby and doesn't understand that she will see him again. All this owner could do was provide some comfort to her friend by sitting with her all evening. Watch the video to see this sad but sweet moment between Maple and her owner.

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Aww, we feel so sorry for Maple! We hope she is reunited with Ale quickly. It's wonderful how Maple's owner spent plenty of time with her to provide some comfort to this grieving momma. What a fantastic show of love!

People in the comments feel so sorry for Maple and her owner. @vicjpark said, "I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Maple can’t seem to catch a break. Know she and Ale are in the best place possible with you guys. Praying." Another user, @nicholedougherty commented, "Oh I hope he gets better soon, you can see how very sad she is." This is such a challenging experience to get through as a pet owner!

Luckily, in subsequent videos, their owner shared that Ale had returned to the farm and was in his recovery process! They won't know for certain if the surgery was successful until they take his stitches out, but things are looking up for Ale.