All The Details On The Picture-Perfect Madre Linda Neighborhood In ‘You’

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Netflix's You season 3 hit the streaming service with a bang in early October and fans have been clamoring for more ever since. If you're not already caught up with Joe and Love's adventures this time around, here's a quick who's who:

Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn are ready to start over and finally become a family. They decide to settle in the beautiful, suburban neighborhood of Madre Linda, California, to raise a baby together. But when parenthood isn't all this pair thought it would be, they start falling back into some...old habits.

Joe and Love's story isn't real—it's based on the book series You by Caroline Kepnes. But what about that picture-perfect community? Here's everything you need to know about Madre Linda, including whether you can visit the town that Joe and Love call home:

*Warning: Minor spoilers for You season 3 ahead!*


So, is Madre Linda real?

Netflix describes Madre Linda as a "balmy Northern California enclave" filled with "privileged tech entrepreneurs, judgmental mommy bloggers, and Insta-famous biohackers." But while You was actually filmed in California, it turns out Madre Linda doesn't exist—the writers invented it for the show's third season.

And, there's a meaning behind the town's name.

Showrunner Sera Gamble explained that the fictional suburb's name actually connects with the theme of parenthood in season 3. Roughly translated from Spanish, Madre Linda means "beautiful mother." “This is a show that explores how quick we are to forgive men, and how quick we are to judge women. And it’s like, name a woman we judge more than mothers,” Sera told Bustle.

“We can have Love do crazy things but also have her make what I think are really strong points about being a mother and a woman and how impossible it is to please the world when you’re trying to raise a child,” she continued.

Will season 4 also be set in Madre Linda?

ICYMI, Netflix announced that You was renewed for season 4 two days before season 3 dropped: "Hello, you. For you, YOU has been renewed for Season 4! See you soon," the streaming service tweeted.

Specific details are still under wraps, including what the plot for season 4 might be. But there's still a chance you could see all of your faves return to Madre Linda for a few more episodes. Stay tuned!

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