This Designer Might Have Been a Bad Choice for Ivanka Trump's Daughter to Wear on a Jewish Holiday

arabella kushner ivanka trump john galliano dress
Arabella Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner (Photo: Sol Tucker/Instarimages)

If you’ve ever been to temple, you know that what you wear matters. While the main purpose is religion, in reform synagogues, at least, people watching plays a part. In true Jewish form, we looked at what the Trump/Kushner clan was wearing on the final day of the Jewish holiday Shavuot. It was a little shocking when we noticed Ivanka’s daughter Arabella in a dress designed by John Galliano as they went to and from services. Why? Because he’s been called anti-Semitic. And they’re Orthodox Jews. Supporting a possibly anti-Semitic designer. On a holy day.

The 5-year-old was innocently riding her scooter in Washington, D.C., as the family went to and from a Chabad, according to Daily Mail, where they were likely attending Shavuot services. The little girl was wearing a multicolored camo print dress that retails for $115. How do we know it’s John Galliano? His signature is scribbled all over it, including prominently on a black side panel of the skirt.

Galliano was caught on film using anti-Semitic and racist language (a criminal offense in France) in a Paris bar in 2011, and subsequently let go from Dior. One of the things he said was, “I love Hitler.” Jared Kushner’s paternal grandparents were Holocaust survivors.

It’s bad enough that an Orthodox Jewish family would support an anti-Semitic designer on any day of the week, but on a Jewish holiday, in a place of worship … not the smartest wardrobe choice.

arabella kushner john galliano dress
The Kushner/Trump family (Photo: Sol Tucker/Instarimages)

This comes as a surprise, as Ivanka is usually very aware of dressing appropriately for her religion. During her trip to Israel last month, she wore a hat, and not because it was super chic. But because Orthodox Jewish women follow the concept of Tzniut, which is Hebrew for modesty or humility in both dress and behavior. So, they cover their heads. Too bad they hadn’t covered something else this holy holiday.

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