Designer applies to 100 jobs with 10 years of experience in the field — and keeps getting rejected: 'Depressing'

Like so many other Americans, one digital designer is currently unemployed and job hunting.

In a recent TikTok video, Wesley Anna (@itswesleyanna) got candid about her job search, which has proven long, hard and incredibly frustrating.

Anna’s online portfolio describes her as New York City-based with extensive experience in UI and brand design. But even with an impressive résumé, she’s not having much luck.

In the meantime, Anna’s been sharing her experiences on TikTok in hopes of being transparent about what she — and so many others — are going through right now. But when one commenter questioned whether finding a job was as hard as she was making it out to be, Anna decided to get even more honest in her response.

“Are you curious about how the job market is doing right now? Well, let me show you,” Anna says at the start of the clip before showing a document that tracks all the jobs she applied to.

She sent in her résumé for and waited patiently to hear back from 100 jobs. But despite her efforts, she’s had no luck so far.

“I’m not entry-level,” Anna explains. “I’m not even mid-level. I’m a senior designer. I have 10 years of experience.”

Three of those years were with an unnamed Fortune 500 company, while another she spent working with big tech brands like Softbank and Dropbox.

“And yet still, I wake up to emails like this every day,” says Anna before briefly showing another rejection email.

A lot of TikTokers could deeply relate to what she’s going through.

“it is hard,” said one person, who claimed to have applied to about 300 jobs. “5 interviews I did have lowballed me on pay. At 33 being offered $13 hr is not okay.”

“I recently had a third interview,” someone else shared. “It was 2 hours. Dedictaed 4 hours of my life to them, was ghosted.”

“I got desperate and started applying to customer service jobs paying $15/hr and still got like 40 rejections,” another person chimed in. “It’s so depressing.”

As frustrating as this is, Anna knows that she’s far from alone — not just from the comments but from the recent tech layoffs in the news.

For now, she’s living back at home, continuing to job hunt and trying not to let all the rejections get her down. When she’s not applying to jobs, she likes sharing job-hunting tips and tricks in hopes of helping others navigate this scary new world, too.

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