This Late Design Icon Left Behind Some of the Most Inspiring Words to Live By

suzanne rheinstein
7 Quotes From Designer Suzanne RheinsteinDick Lowry

Legendary designer Suzanne Rheinstein passed away on March 20, 2023. The Louisiana-born, Los Angeles–based talent ran her eponymous design firm and beloved shop Hollyhock for decades. Known for her elegant yet comforting take on classic interiors, Rhenstein was a self-proclaimed champion of the limited palette and a veritable font of inspiring, approachable design advice. We’ve gathered a few brilliant quotes from her over the years, many of which ran in the pages of House Beautiful. From unexpected design tricks to tidbits about her life, take a look at some of Rheinstein's inspiring sayings.

suzanne rheinstein
Soumi Sarkar

"Have fewer things, but better things. Obviously, it’s a long process. It’s not 10-minute decorating. But I’ll tell you what I tell the young people who work for me: If you buy one good thing a year, in five years, you’ll have five really good things. Of course, you have to take the time to learn about quality and to appreciate it. But it’s worth doing, whether it’s about gardens or art or furniture or literature."

"I use fabrics on the wrong side—often! Some of them are too bright and strong on the right side, but turn them over and they’re softer, more subtle and interesting."

"A eureka moment for me was realizing that it’s really the use of negative space that makes places extraordinary—you need pauses that let your eye rest before moving on to the next thing."

"I've always been a preservationist and passionate about gardens."

suzanne rheinstein
Soumi Sarkar

"I often prefer foliage to flowers in vases. You don't have to do much to the leaves, and they'll still look interesting a month later."

"I adore green in every one of its manifestations."

"I really appreciate craftsmanship, the beautiful handwork of artisans like Michael Savoia for embroidery, Elizabeth Dow for wallcoverings, Sam Kasten for textiles. Go to a crafts show, commission something original. Be a patron!"

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