Desi Perkins’ New Sunglasses Line DEZI Is Here & I Bought 3 Pairs

Maggie Griswold

When it comes to accessories, nothing—and I mean nothing—beats sunglasses. They’re the quintessential cherry on top of every outfit, and one can never have too many pairs. Though I’m currently staring at my 30+ pairs of sunglasses right now, I can’t wait to add every single piece from Desi Perkins’ new DEZI sunglasses line to the mix. (Like I said, there’s no such thing as too many sunnies!) The content creator has just launched her own fashion and lifestyle brand, and she’s starting it out with some seriously gorgeous sunglasses. Now that’s a way to kick off an incredible brand, if you ask me.

Desi Perkins is not only a content creator with over 8.5 million...

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