Desi Perkins’ Own Struggles With Hyperpigmentation Inspired Her First Skincare Product

Elizabeth Denton
·1 min read

Since 2013, Desi Perkins has been creating YouTube videos for her millions of fans who watch her nighttime skincare routine, shopping hauls and makeup tutorials. She was one of the first big Latinx YouTubers and has collaborated with numerous successful makeup brands on collaborations that sell out quickly. As does her eyewear line, Dezi. So, it makes sense skincare would be next on her entrepreneurial journey. Dezi Skin’s first launch, a vitamin C, is here. Prepare to be impressed.

“Even though I entered into the beauty world with makeup, I have always understood the importance of skincare,” Perkins tells STYLECASTER. “As my career started to grow, it became increasingly important to be...

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