Depressed Shelter Dog's Big Day Out at the Park Is Truly Bittersweet

Our hearts always break when we see videos of animals in shelters. They just want love and attention. And it's not that shelter employees don't want to give them the attention they need, they just can't because shelters are so overrun. That's why it's more important than ever to adopt, don't shop so these animals know they are beyond loved.

Every once in a while, shelters have the time to take their residents on special field trips. That's what happened at this Florida-based shelter with one of their dogs named Aramis. This dog's big day out at the park was posted to the TikTok account @humanebroward and it's bringing tears to our eyes. Take a look!

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Ugh, stop it! Aramis was the happiest dog while at the park. You can just tell how much he loves exploring and being outside. The caption is totally right - Aramis would be a perfect dog to take hiking. He needs a forever home and he needs one now!

"His updates just make me cry. I'm praying someone takes him. I would in a heartbeat if I wasn't so far away," commented @mikaylaabraham. SAME! This American Staffordshire Terrier Mix deserves a loving home, especially since he's been at the shelter for over 165 days. @topcat646 added, "Another lovely dog I'm surprised hasn't been adopted already. You better be quick he won't be there much longer before he's adopted." We hope that's the case! We don't want him to be in the shelter any longer!

If you'd like to adopt sweet Aramis or another animal, please visit the Humane Society of Broward County website for more information. Let's get him to his forever home so he can enjoy the outdoors all day, every day!

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