Depop Partners With 'The Sims 4' on In-Game Marketplace and Circular Fashion Collection

Digital marketplace Depop is entering the gaming domain in a new partnership with Electronic Arts' The Sims. As part of The Sims 4's newest expansion pack "High School Years," Depop and the gamer designed a collection of in-game fashion items that players will be able to purchase for their teen Sims in a virtual thrift store and boba hangout called ThrifTea.

Players will be able to expand their Sims' personal style by purchasing the newly-released clothing items, which were designed by real-world Depop sellers, and "hype up" their own curated outfits before selling them in a new in-game Trendi app, inspired by Depop's circular shopping platform. Depop selected five of its most popular sellers — Bella (@internetgirl), Jeremy (@happyxloco), Selena Williams (@Selenasshop), Lapoze McTribouy of Sooki Sooki Vintage (@judaku) and Sha’an D’Antes’ (@furrylittlepeach) — to craft three custom pieces for teenage Sims.

Players will need to purchase items quickly, as each rare Depop piece will only be available in limited supply at ThrifTea, where the two brands' have enlisted artist Monica Ahanonu to create an original artwork inspired by the collaboration.

The Sims is a cultural institution that remains relevant with young people around the world and holds nostalgic cultural cachet for many more, making it a perfect collaboration for Depop and our community,” said Steve Dool, Brand Director at Depop, in a statement. “Our sellers are at the heart of everything we do at Depop, so putting their creative vision front and centre in this collaboration was an opportunity to showcase their talent and show how intrinsic they are to us as a brand.”

The Sims has a long history of empowering players to discover the different versions of themselves, and fashion has always been a huge part of driving their self-expression and experimentation with the Sims they create," said Julia Victor, Head of Brand, for The Sims. "The collaboration with Depop for The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack has allowed us to bring in unique and creative looks that reflect today's fashion trends and how Gen-Z shops and shares fashion, to offer players an authentic gameplay experience as they help their Sims make the most out of their teenage years."

The Sims 4 "High School Years" Expansion Pack will be available for purchase beginning July 28 at 10 a.m. PT.

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