Denver Salon Hosts ‘Beer and Braids’ Night for Fathers & Daughters


Basic hairstyling is a necessary parent skill. (Photo: Getty)

Dads no longer have an excuse not to share hair styling duties with mothers — at least in Denver, Colorado. At Envogue Salon’s “Beer and Braids” father-daughter night, dads can bond with their little girls by learning to do their daughters’ hair in three different ways — ponytails, braids and buns — with their hairdressing confidence boosted by ales and lagers.

For $55, the salon provides one-on-one professional coaching for up to six fathers, who may be shy about touching their daughters’ hair without some assistance and support. Dads get treated to beer for liquid courage, and their daughters get small snacks and root beer. Salon owner Calli Hueble-Bodilis remembers one father being so nervous that his hands were shaking. “They’re definitely intimidated by the braids, and the ponytail can the hardest,” she says. “The guys’ hands are so big, and with their tiny daughters, the dads get frustrated.” And because men are stereotypically driven by competition, the daughters stage a mini-runway show at the end of the night, with the hairstylists voting for the best hair. The father who did the best hair wins a six-pack of beer.

One father being coached by a hairstylist at “Beer and Braids.” (Photo: Envogue Salon)

Hueble-Bodilis’ husband, the salon co-owner, came up with the idea when his business partner was late to a meeting because he had to get his daughters ready for school — and didn’t know how to do their hair. “It was a disaster,” Hueble-Bodilis tells Yahoo Beauty. “He had never even brushed his daughters’ hair before.” With fathers taking more responsibility in household care and childcare these days, dads are learning that they need to learn how to do their daughters’ hair, whether it’s for ballet class or soccer practice.

A father at “Beer and Braids” mastering the braid on his daughter. (Photo: Envogue Salon)

“This is a great opportunity because I don’t listen to my wife when she tries to teach me. You get to listen to someone else and learn how to do it,” one father, Tom, explained in Denver station KCRA’s video. “I probably wouldn’t do it if it’s just by myself.”

Due to popular demand, the next “Beer and Braids” events will be held in August, October, and November. Hueble-Bodilis also plans to host mother-daughter hairstyling tutorials, too, noting that not all mothers know how to do their daughters’ hair either.


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