Dentist Beards Are The New Lumberjack Beards

Devon Kelley

George Clooney just started the dentist beard trend. (Photo: Getty)

We always thought goatees were reserved for very specific people: French artists, Walter White from Breaking Bad, and weird but well-intentioned uncles. But now that George Clooney has ditched his beard in favor of a perfectly proportioned goatee, everybody’s jumping on board with the latest style in facial hair: a rendition of the goatee called the dentist beard.

I’ve noticed more men taking their beards shorter and sharper,” senior barber Sam Hickey of London’s Hackett Spitalfields told The Guardian. “It leaves a fuller front, which could entail a swing towards seeing more goatees in the not too distant future.” Other celebrities have consolidated their beards as well, and we like what we see.


Brad Pitt sports a dentist beard. (Photo: Instagram)


Idris Elba is on board with the dentist beard trend. (Photo: Instagram)


Leonardo DiCaprio wears the dentist beard well. (Photo: Instagram)

We’re not sure if the trend started with men reclaiming their beards from hipsters, or if it’s just a way to tone down the bushy beard fad. Either way, we’re hesitant to tell you to dive head first into goatees. We’ve seen George Clooney and the Hollywood squad do it well, but what about all the abominations we’ve seen over the years?


Is this a mustache or a goatee? Either way, John Travolta’s facial hair is a prime example of what not to do. (Photo: Instagram)


Mel Gibson’s musketeer beard is all types of bad. (Photo: Instagram)


Kanye West’s goatee has good and bad moments. (Photo: Instagram)


Robert Downey Jr.’s beard is a little too graphic. (Photo: Instagram)


We’re not sure what’s happening here. (Photo: Instagram)

Take caution when mapping out your goatee. And for fear of recreating one of John Travolta’s facial hair mishaps, start with the dentist beard – fuller all around. “Make sure your growth length is all the same; no straggly bits on the chin,” Adam Brady of Ruffian Barbers tells The Telegraph. “Also, make sure that you have full coverage too – you don’t want patchy hair. And finally, don’t make it look like it’s been stenciled on. That’s the worst kind. And a nightmare to maintain, you need to tend to it every day.” Brady recommends opting for sharp lines with the help of a double edge razor and low-lathing shaving cream, so that you can “see the grain of stubble at the edge of your beard.” It’s also great for defining weak chins, and it’s practical if you don’t want to totally abandon your beard for the summer. Plus, we’re game for pretty much anything George Clooney-approved.

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