Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 5 is a gorgeous remake of a divisive cult classic

The new gameplay trailer for Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5 is looking real, real good.

Sony’s latest footage of the upcoming game featured the player character spelunking through ancient ruins filled with dreglings (basically zombie warriors) and the game’s trademark big, scary demon bosses.

It’s also quite beautiful. Out of all the PlayStation 5 games that have been demoed thus far, Demon’s Souls has been the most visually stunning. Take notice of how fluid the movement is, the soft blooms of smoke wafting downward and the flickering light on brick and wood. If you look close, you can even make out the individual rivets on the knight’s chainmail.

Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 5 is the highly anticipated remake of the first Demon’s Souls by Japanese developer FromSoftware, the 2009 PlayStation 3 classic that sparked the legendary Souls series. The Souls family of games has been praised for its gothic aesthetic, minimalist approach to storytelling and brutal difficulty — by the franchise’s fans, at least.

The steep learning curve of Demon’s Souls (and its descendants) has left little room for players to sit in the middle. You either love it or hate it.

The game’s detractors have described it as an elitist title for masochists while fans have called it a refreshing departure from so many modern games, which are designed around instant gratification. Demon’s Souls takes work to improve at and beat, which is a design philosophy that has attracted hardcore players.

Bluepoint Games has striven to make Demon’s Souls 2020 a faithful recreation of the 2009 original, but there’s still some new content in here — even for veteran fans. You’ll be able to swap between a number of visual settings in the game such as 4K (for the cinematically-minded) or 60 FPS (for the gameplay-focused).

Demon’s Souls and launching exclusively on the PlayStation 5 and will be available when the console is released on Nov. 12.

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