Demi Lovato Got All Different Boob Sizes on Her Nails & They’re So Freaking Cute

Elizabeth Denton
·1 min read

Leave it to our girl Demetria Devonne Lovato to get boob-printed nails that are actually inclusive. Because, you know, bodies come in all shapes and sizes, Demi Lovato’s boob nails have five slightly different designs on each finger. Long and skinny, full and round, East West (when nipples face opposite directions) and just one breast—she’s got ’em all. “All boobies are beautiful,” she captioned the Instagram post.

The base of Lovato’s nails is a pink-and-white watercolor design and the breast shapes are painted on in black, making the already cute design even cooler. The singer credited Los Angeles-based nail artist Natalie Minerva (@nail_swag on Instagram) for the look. Minerva has created some of Lovato’s other killer...

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