Demi Lovato Couldn’t Stop Laughing During Her ‘Camp Rock’ Re-Watch

Olivia Harvey

Although she’s Demi Lovato to the world, to many of us, she’ll always be Mitchie Torres, the girl who found both herself and love at Camp Rock. And Lovato isn’t at all ashamed of her breakout role in the 2008 Disney Channel original movie with the Jonas Brothers. In fact, she just recently rewatched her first-ever film, and her reactions to the awkward beauty that is Camp Rock are so good.

Lovato recorded herself and her boyfriend, Max Ehrich, laughing all the way through Mitchie's Camp Rock scenes and shared the videos via Instagram Stories on July 11th. They’ve since been saved by fans on Twitter, and thank goodness they have—the gasping-for-air giggling is utter perfection.

“THE AMOUNT OF AWKWARD FUCKING THINGS I DID IN THIS MOVIE…. I can’t,” Lovato wrote over the scene in which Mitchie playfully hit Alyson Stoner’s Caitlyn with a balloon.

She also couldn’t help but notice how much her younger self reminds her of her sister Madison de la Garza, who is now 18.

Lovato and Ehrich then moved on to Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, which hit the Disney Channel in 2010. 

“What is this? The fucking Hunger Games?” Lovato said of the scene in which Camp Star sends parachutes of s’mores ingredients to the campers. She also credited her former costar Jordan Francis for having the best line in the whole movie—“graham crackers!”

Lovato also couldn’t quite put her finger on ever singing “Different Summers,” which we’re going to have to have a talk with her about...

Lovato’s parting advice for Mitchie: “Calm the fuck down. God!” And like, sure—but her dramatic faces, pauses, and dance moves are what made Mitchie so damn great. 

We would honestly pay cold, hard cash for a cast and crew commentary track recorded today, more than a decade after the Camp Rock movies first premiered. Even if the entire track was just Lovato laughing, we would love every bit of it. 

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