Delivery worker calls out customer over allegedly ‘unreasonable’ order request

A UPS driver is going viral after sharing what he claims was his “most unreasonable” encounter with a customer. The story comes from a TikTok user named @your_uncle_dave, who explained the alleged counter in response to a recent Stitch video trend. In the clip, @your_uncle_dave broke down a time he allegedly tried to pick up a package from a customer who wanted to return it. As it turns out, that package was … an entire couch. @your_uncle_dave tried explaining that he isn’t allowed to return items that aren’t in their box — let alone disassemble a fully built couch. “He becomes angry with me, and says that Amazon assured him that I would disassemble and repackage the couch for him”. According to the TikToker’s clip, the customer even demanded that @your_uncle_dave call the CEO of Amazon. TikTok users found the story both hilarious and frustrating. “Good Lord, makes you wonder how some people get through life,” one user commented