Delivery man goes above and beyond to drop off pizza with customer in river

A Thai delivery man has gone viral after going

to great lengths to drop off a pizza with a

customer who was in the middle of a river.

the man, who goes by Ake KB on Facebook, shared

that he had received a set of unusual directions

while making a GrabFood delivery on his motorbike.

The man initially thought that the

customer’s pinned location, which was

set somewhere in a river, was a mistake.

With the help of some generous noodle

vendors he met by the river, Ake KB revealed

that he was able to make his way to the customer.

who, in turn, tipped him 100 baht

(about $3.19) for making the trip.

The delivery man said he thanked the vendors

who had assisted him by paying them 60 baht

(approximately $1.91) for the boat ride.

Ake KB’s story has since gone viral, receiving

over 73,000 reactions and more than 1,600

comments from amused Facebook users.

“[The customer] should have

swum ashore to pick it up,” one

user wrote. “I pity the delivery man”

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