This delivery driver went full 'Walter White' on a customer's package

An Australian woman is drawing a wave

of mixed reactions after sharing how a

postal worker treated her package — and

how they tried to make up for the mistake.

The incident occurred last year, but has

recently gone viral on Reddit after being shared

to the site’s r/WellThatSucks forum.

Merryl Lloyd, who lives in Sydney, came

home one day to find a note from the

Australia Post — the country’s national

postal service — sitting on her porch.

The message, which Lloyd shared

on Facebook, contained an apologetic

-but-troublesome admission.

“I accidentally threw your parcel

on top of the roof, my apologies,” the

note read, according to Australia’s 7 News.

“Maybe use a broom to get it down”.

Sure enough, Lloyd looked up to find

a small package sitting on her roof.

At a height of only 5-foot-1, she was

unsure how to retrieve her item.

Lloyd, who ultimately used a mop

to get the package, told 7 News she

thought the mistake was hilarious.

Other social media users, however,

had more negative opinions.

“How the f*** do you accidentally do

this?” one commenter wrote. “Partial credit

for leaving a note at least,” one added.

Others were far more lighthearted though, joking

that the package was impervious to “porch pirates”.

Some compared the postal worker’s

mistake to a famous episode of the

TV show, “Breaking Bad,” in which Walter

White tosses a full pizza onto his roof

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