Delivery driver praised for following customer's unusual request

Recently, TikTok user @mohawkdog decided to try and have some fun with her Amazon delivery drivers. She posted a sign on her door instructing the drivers to do TikTok dances if they so pleased. “Amazon deliveries: Let’s play!” the sign reads. “Stand in yellow square, look at camera and do a 5-10 second ‘dance’ for TikTok”. At first, @mohawkdog noted the delivery people were “intimated by the square” so she decided to replace it with a “big arrow”. One fateful day, @mohawkdog got an Amazon delivery from a driver who clearly also happens to be a TikTok fan. After she carefully placed the package down, she walked over to the arrow, looked straight into the camera and NAILED the Renegade dance. “This Amazon delivery made my day!!” @mohawkdog noted in the caption of her video. It seems the rest of TikTok feels the same way. “Spreading a little joy in an unexpected way … I love it!” one person said. “She’s amazing!” another added. “She’s been waiting for this,” a third commented