What December has in store for your star sign

December horoscopes for every star sign
December horoscopes for every star signCosmopolitan UK

Want to know what's in store for your star sign for December 2022? It's all in the cards...


(The Moon, Nine of Wands, Ace of Coins)

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This month is a time for research, homework and preparation. You are about to embark on a new beginning relating to your work, money, home, or health (maybe a combination of them) as shown by the steadily improving Ace of Coins. This is a long term project or ambition.

The Nine of Wands shows there are a couple of issues to resolve first and unknowns to overcome. Nothing onerous, nothing you can’t handle. But you shouldn’t duck them. Use December, with the investigative Moon card, to unravel the threads and construct a robust and pressure-tested plan of attack. Get your ducks lined up. Ask tough questions. Find out what you need to know and create a well-informed plan.


(Justice, Seven of Swords, The Emperor)

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You need to be on your toes this month for people who are acting shady, distrustful, or unkind. The Seven of Swords reveals that not everyone in your sphere of experience is as good-hearted as you are. The combination of Justice and The Emperor brings a power play into action here. It’s you who will expose, fight back against, and see off these imposters or bullies. You will stick up for yourself and others, call it how it is, challenge them to defend their actions and shame them into withdrawal.

This could unfold in a work, home, or friendship circle. You are a tough person, a stoic presence, a ~rock~ for others. Use your resilience and powerful voice to speak up and do the right thing. You will be valued and rewarded for your courage.


(Wheel of Fortune, King of Wands, The Lovers)

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Adventure ahead, Gemini! The King of Wands is a bold player who makes his own fun, acts spontaneously and with gusto, loves to explore and broaden their horizons… and this is you all over. The Lovers shows you’re zooming in on the people, projects, roles, ideas, and outings that have sparked your interest this year. You are narrowing down your focus to areas of true passion and inspiration.

The Wheel of Fortune shows that whatever you activate this month will be transformative in ways beyond your current perception or understanding. Powerful cosmic forces are at work! You are evolving and it starts with the things you do, but then it gains momentum and more change will come along. Ride the waves, enjoy the ride, have fun!


(Seven of Coins, Strength, Queen of Wands)

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Changing direction is a hard thing to do. Deciding to move away from the known and familiar pathways towards uncharted territory is difficult for anyone, let alone a security-lovin’ Cancerian. But the Seven of Coins and Strength card show that this is the pathway you are choosing. Sometimes you just know that things have run their course, come to a natural conclusion. Sometimes you have to be the one to end something overtly, so that you can then start something else. You are preparing to do that. You are being brave, determined, and strong.

The Queen of Wands will bring the passion, inspiration and motivation this December. Changing direction is also an exciting thing to do. It’s liberating, empowering, energising, and rejuvenating. It’s fun to start afresh, taking your experience and applying it to a new situation, learning all over again. You’re done with living on ~auto pilot~, you are making your life challenging, surprising, and rewarding again. It feels good.


(Eight of Swords, The Chariot, Knight of Swords)

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Purpose! You are literally full of it this month. The Chariot brings a surge of driving ambition and powerful focus, reinforced by the assertive (sometimes aggressive) Knight of Swords. There’s no stopping you this December, Leo, and I fear for those who get in your way.

So what do you want to do with all this power? The Eight of Swords hints that this is about changing the status quo, broadening the horizons, replacing negative and self-limiting beliefs with positive affirmations, stopping bad habits and generally becoming a more forceful and focused version of yourself! Travel is also very well starred - be that a holiday, outing, change of transport mode, home or even location move. Think about your ~place~ in this world… would you like to be someplace else? Maybe this is the short cut to your reinvention. New scene = new you.


(Two of Cups, The Empress, Four of Swords)

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Sometimes you just need to relax and let people do their own thing, without interfering or trying to cajole them your way. The Four of Swords asks you to step back this December and let things be. Don’t try and activate, manipulate, control or change anything, especially in your relationship landscape. Just let people be themselves and show you who they are.

You’ll receive some nice surprises, believe it or not! The Two of Cups and Empress are BOTH major love cards, as well as friendship and family. So, people will surprise you in a good way. New romance (with Water signs or Taurus / Libra) is possible, as is rekindling of current flames. Pregnancy or a new addition to the family is also on the cards. You are wealthy in relationships, let others show you how much they care about you. Enjoy being with those you love and like.


(Judgment, Six of Swords, Ten of Cups)

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Renewal and rebirth are the themes for your December, Libra. Letting go in order to make space for new growth. Releasing old ways and taking a leap into the unknown. Don’t worry - you’ll land well! And much of this links to your love life in particular.

Judgment and the Six of Swords both signal endings (not sad ones though), natural conclusions, and new awakenings coming from accepting that everything is in ebb and flow. You will receive a ~wake up call~ this December and it will lead to you deciding to release some old baggage and weight, stuff you no longer need or want. Not in your new phase!

The Ten of Cups hints this will all have a very positive impact on your love life. Maybe a new romance (Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer look good), or a revival of your current one, or a close friendship or reunion with a family member that warms your heart this festive season.


(The Devil, Page of Swords, Nine of Coins)

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Don’t be fickle, hedge your bets, or dilly dally - it's not a time to try and keep all of your options open. Doing so will only lead to you missing out on everything. Commitment is what’s needed this December.

The Devil and Page of Swords combine to warn you against this on / off, hot / cold attitude you can adopt. Sometimes it’s a shrewd move and helps you negotiate a better deal or get the best outcome…. Not now though. The Nine of Coins urges you to make it clear what you want and to commit to it. Pick a best option and root for it. Show your hand. Play your cards. Be open and transparent about what is important to you and what you’re going to do about it.

The best results, in the long run, come from sticking to one thing well, building on your successes, staying the course and being persistent. You are a strong, independent character and you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, as long as your mind IS truly set to it. Make sure it is.


(Knight of Wands, Page of Coins, The High Priestess)

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This trio of cards reveal that this December will be incredibly creative. You are going to tap into your imagination and have an absolute blast bringing forth and expressing whatever it is that resides there atm.

The Page of Coins is a student card. You might wish to learn a new skill or acquire new information, studying something which inspires you. This will activate your intuition and imagination, with the inwards-looking High Priestess. Maybe you are learning tarot or astrology. Maybe painting or creative writing. Maybe song-writing or dance. The Knight of Wands asks you to go with the flow. Use your new skill to express your ideas and fantasies. Go all out creating something unique and personal. This could lead to something special, this could be your next ~big thing~. Who knows. At the very least, it will prove to be fun, entertaining, and soothing.


(Two of Coins, King of Swords, The Hermit)

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Use December as ~ground zero~ for planning your greatest ever year ahead - the year of 2023! The King of Swords is a future-facing intellectual. He flies high, like an eagle, above the heat and noise and sees far ahead. He sees the big picture. He is objective and rational. Make sure you helicopter up to see your own future pathway and how you navigate it from this point on. Seek clarity.

The Hermit asks you to take your vision to the ~lab~ and work up your plans and schemes privately, play them close to your chest. Do your research and homework, make these plans well-informed and robust. The Two of Coins urges you to amplify everything- go big or go home! Whatever ambitions you harbour right now… make them bolder, brighter, bigger. You can achieve even more than you think possible in 2023.


(Two of Wands, Ace of Swords, Knight of Coins)

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Pause for breath this December and review all that you’ve started in 2022, and all that now sits on your plate. The Two of Wands asks you to take a breath and assess what you’re happy with and maybe what you’re not so happy with. You don’t have to keep up with any of it, you know. You can adjust and change. The Ace of Swords provides a prompt to be totally honest with yourself. Don’t worry what others think or what you OUGHT to do. What do you really WANT to do now?

The Knight of Coins shows you have perhaps done some things defensively or because you felt under pressure or that you wanted to prove something. Strip all of that away and assess how much you truly want to carry on with these roles / projects / relationships / duties. Are they serving you well? Do you feel invested and passionate about them? Time to reflect and make some choices.


(Six of Wands, Five of Coins, The World)

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I want you to know that everything that has happened this year has been for a reason - the good and the bad. It was all to get you to this place, right here and now. You couldn’t have walked any other path so no regrets or doubts, and no looking back.

The Five of Coins shows you’ve endured some losses and setbacks, but that these are over and done with now. You should seek support, look ahead and have hope. The Six of Wands congratulates you for handling everything so well and taking on such dignity and wisdom in trying times. You have done so well. You have learnt a lot.

The World is the tarot’s final card. It suggests that 2022 was a major turning point for you. Every ending was for a good reason and will be replaced by a vital new beginning. 2023 lies ahead, ready and waiting for you to take all of this wisdom and hope and fulfil your potential. KNOW that you can achieve much in the year ahead, this is your time Pisces.

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