Decades Of Progression: Guy Mariano Is Still Blowing Minds Daily

Decades of progression. Decades of inspiration. He's been there, he's left, he's come back and he's still here—a lot of people wear out the term GOAT these days, but Guy Mariano undeniably fits the phrase.

Dickies posted this clip recently and it caught like wild fire. With the views rising and comments blowing up, it's just a simple reminder that nearly anything Guy gives us, we'll happily take. Thankfully, he continues to give us gems like this!

As if the trick wasn't tricky enough, a big theme in the comments seems to be people asking for a 270 out. Whether that's necessary or not is totally debatable, but in all honesty, I wouldn't be mad about it. But he'd definitely be rolling away leaning to one side or the other out of pure dizziness.

It's just so rad to see skater's like Guy aging like fine wine and still doing the same thing they loved to do when they were kids. I mean, we've all seen Guy grow up through his skateboarding career, some of you in real time, and it's inspiring to say the least.

That little kid from Video Days is now just a big kid living his best days. And we sure as hell love to see it!

Video / @dickiesskate @stefanjanoski

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