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'Slumber Party' artisté @Ashnikko singing live is an EXPERIENCE! She really spills it all. Watch more Singing in the Shower https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HPx_vXw82k&list=PLrx4fxhgMUOaO_usvNBYa5jwWY2PfGl7S 🛁 Ashnikko covers Janis Joplin and Miley Cyrus and performs 'Toxic' and a ton of her new music from Demidevil! Get tickets to Ashnikko’s upcoming ‘DEMIDEVIL - The Livestream’ on April 30th, a one-off virtual experience of the weird, wonderful, and wild world of Ashnikko: http://www.ashnikko.world Want more Ashnikko? linktr.ee/ashnikko Love Cosmo? Then come join our ~ elite ~ members-only crew. Sign up for Cosmo Unlocked: cosmopolitan.com/joinnow 🔓

Video Transcript

ASHNIKKO: Pissing in the pool. I've done it. I bet you've done it. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with me.

You've pissed in the pool. Hi, I'm Ashnikko and today I am singing in the shower bathtub with "Cosmo". This is great. This smells so good.

I love a bath. All right, so what am I doing? So yeah, I'm going to be, you know, taking a bath for y'all on the internet. What am I going to sing for y'all? Gosh, you really put me on the spot here.

(SINGING) Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz.

My queen, Janis Joplin. That's the one that I sing all the time in the tub. Because I feel very passionate about washing my body and that's a very passionate song.

ASHNIKKO: Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz. My Friends all drive Porsches. I must make amends. Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends. Oh Lord, won't you buy me Mercedes--

I just swallowed a bubble. I think baths are superior to showers. I want to clean myself with next to no effort. So that is why I like to lay down in the tub. Actually though, saying that, I do like to sit down in the shower.

All right, hands up if you sit down in the shower. Hands up if you piss in the shower. Hands up if you piss in the bath tub. I don't piss in the bath tub, Yet.

Honestly though, pissing in the bathtub, pissing in the pool, what are our thoughts? Pissing in the pool, I've done it. I bet you've done it.

If you say you haven't pissed in a pool, you're probably lying. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with me. You've pissed in the pool.

So singing while bathing is something spiritual, something special that I cannot describe. I love to scream in the shower. Just belt to my little heart's content. This is the thickest bubble bath I've been in, in a while. I love her. Hi Tiny.

Little girl, come here. Look at that bubble. Be like [INAUDIBLE] OK, bye.

Sorry, I got distracted by my sweet baby dog. OK, so I'm going to sing-- What else do I like to sing? My own songs.

(SINGING) I'm working bitch. Ain't got no time for [BLEEP]. You wish you could sway my attention. I'm working bitch.

Ain't got no time for [BLEEP] can't sway my attention. Because I do well for myself. Nothing you do is extraordinary. [VOCALIZING]

(SINGING) Taxing on my mental health. And my last boyfriend was cautionary. [VOCALIZING]

Yeah just to clarify, I am a liar. Because sometimes I do have time for [BLEEP]. If we're being honest with ourselves, I do have some time for [BLEEP]. So I think this was more about me talking to myself and having a little pep talk with myself.

Like, come on bitch. Please, just you don't have time for [BLEEP] You have got to be working. You have got to be focusing on your career. Please stop getting so distracted by penis. Please, I'm begging you.

So I wrote this song and it worked for a short while. And then I got distracted by penis again. So hey, I'm not a perfect person. Oh, I haven't shaved my armpits in a while. Perfect.


ASHNIKKO: I am currently not in my own tub, so I don't have my personal products. Usually I lather myself head to butt crack in Dr. Bronner's lavender body wash. Lavender makes me feel warm and smells good, and it's purple. What else do I use?

Dr. Obagi face wash. That's about it. Oh yeah, here's a little secret between me and you. I don't really wash my hair that often, because I have blue hair. And re-dying my blue hair is such a nuisance and I don't like doing it.

I'm hot in here. Jesus. What else do I use in the tub? Just good vibes. kick my feet up, I have a wank and I think about my life and all the mistakes I've made.

Anxiety. I try to think positively and tell myself some nice affirmations. You are beautiful. You look good. You are capable as hell. Capable as hell.

You are-- This is me. This is me talking to me. I'm the bubbles. You are beautiful. You are confident.

You are capable. You are good at what you do. You can do this, girl. I love you. You are a kind person.

OK? Life is hard. You're just doing your best. That goes for everyone out there. Be a little kinder this year. Don't be a [BLEEP] hater, all right?

If you're a hater, I know you are probably struggling with something in your life and I sympathize with you and I feel bad for you, but try not to do that. Try to take that same anger and go sit-in the bath and just soak it out. Pee in the bath if you have to.

Let it out. Find an outlet. Kickboxing. Go in the chorus and shout.

(SINGING) What? What? What?

I can hear my dog going crazy outside. Come here. Come here. Comer here.

(SINGING) They say it's bad karma being such a heart breaker. I've always picked a giver because I've always been a taker. I'd rather just do it then think about it later. Uh-huh, kiss me bad karma.

I love Miley's album. It's so good. There's so many bops on that-- on the album. And Joan Jett is my all time favorite. So it's a perfect body of work.

YUNG BABY TATE: (SINGING) Who that is, bitch?

- (SINGING) I am healthy. I am wealthy. I am rich. I am that bitch. I am gonna go get that bag And I am not gonna take your shit.

ASHNIKKO: Shout out Young Baby Tate. One of my favorite artists. She's a rapper, singer, songwriting extraordinaire. I love her.

OK, so my new mix-tape, "DEMIDEVIL", it's a bunch of chaotic songs, because I am a chaotic person. It's about heartbreak. It's about friend breakups.

It's about [BLEEP] the men in the music industry who exploit young creatives and take advantage. OK, my song, "Toxic" is about a particular toxic man in the music industry who thought that he could run around saying that he made me. This is what happens in the music industry.

People like to-- they see a woman's success and they're like, oh, but, who writes her songs? Oh, but, who discovered her? Oh, who made her? No. That, there are so many self-made women in the music industry.

Do not let that be your go to thought, OK? Let's change our thinking here. All right? No man made me. I made my goddamn self. Thank you.


ASHNIKKO: Wiki feet, here we go.

(SINGING) Bitch, are you trying to make me cry? Are you trying to make me lose it? You win some and lose some. This could get gruesome.

Sorry, I'm having a moment. I feel-- I feel-- honestly, I feel very tapped into my emotions in the tub. Honestly, water does that to me.

(SINGING) You can't stand to see me shine. Better buy a visor. You don't never cross my mind. What's a sheep to a tiger? On your horse so high. Swear to God I'm higher.

Now you begging for a dime. I'mma throw you a fiber. Begging for, begging for some relevance. As soon as I pull up when you, scare you like a skeleton. You can't stand to see me shine.

Better by a visor. You don't ever cross my mind. What's a sheep to a tiger? Leeches leeching. Wanna juice me peaches.

All eyes on me, peepers. You all jeepers creepers. Call me a [BLEEP] diva. I'm an overachiever. Not-- [INAUDIBLE]

I forgot my own lyrics. Thanks for watching me sing in the bathtub. Follow me on the internet and listen to my mix-tape "DEMIDEVIL" that just came out. It's beautiful. The songs are great. I just sang them for you, but go listen to them full power.

(SINGING) I'm crazy but you like that. I bite back. Daisies on your nightstand. Never forget a blossom in the moonlight. Screw eyes, glacier with the blue eyes. I'm terrifying. [VOCALIZING] I'm terrifying.