A New 'Deadliest Catch' Spinoff Is Coming But It Doesn't Take Place in Alaska

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  • Deadliest Catch: Bloodline is a new spinoff beginning in April.

  • Josh Harris will star, as he navigates the waters off the coast of Hawaii.

A new Deadliest Catch spinoff is coming soon, and it could be even better than the original. (Yeah, we said it!)

The show, dubbed Deadliest Catch: Bloodline, will follow legacy fisherman Josh Harris as he embarks on a quest to explore the complicated coast of Hawaii, guided by maps left behind by his late father, Phil Harris.

When remodeling the captain’s quarters of the Cornelia Marie, Josh stumbled upon fishing charts from the 80s with notes scrawled by his dad. They detail the Hawaiian islands, including aspects about Phil's adventures at sea, as well as his life there.

As seen in the sneak preview, the discovery not only inspires Josh to seek a once-in-a-lifetime fishing opportunity, but it’s also a chance for him to uncover mysteries left behind by his father.

It looks like the icy adventures on the Bering Sea we’ve grown used to are about to get a tropical upgrade. Instead of Alaskan king crab, Josh and his crew will be on the hunt for the lucrative ahi tuna as well as other underwater species like barracuda and swordfish.

Here's what else we have to look forward to.

Who will star on "Bloodline"?

Joining Josh will be Casey McManus, his co-captain and business partner who was also featured on Deadliest Catch. They’ll enlist the assistance of one of the top commercial fishermen in the islands, Jeff Silva. He’ll help the duo understand the charts and Phil’s notes, as well as provide insights into navigating these completely unfamiliar waters.

Where will "Bloodline" take place?

There’s about to be a wild change of scenery, as Bloodline will take place off the coast of Hawaii. They’ll also get to explore one of the most premiere fishing locations in the world, the Kona coast.

Located on the Big Island, Kona is world-famous for its deep-sea fishing, even hosting an international tournament each year. Described in a Discovery press release as “fishing like Josh and Casey have never fished before,” it sounds like island life has a lot in store for the pair.

When does "Bloodline" air?

The adventure kicks off on April 14 at 10pm EST on Discovery and will air Tuesdays at 9pm EST after the premiere.

There are short clips available on Discovery GO, where you’ll also be able to find new episodes each week.

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