‘Dead to Me’ May Have Killed Another Main Character in Season 2 & We’re Stressed

Jason Pham

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Dead to Me season 2. If you’ve finished Dead to Me season 2, you may be curious to know if that character really died in the finale. (Spoilers are ahead. You’ve been warned.) So, really, did Jen die in Dead to Me season 2 because that would’ve been a cruel twist on the writers’ part.

Dead to Me season 2, which premiered on May 8, followed Jen and Judy as they covered up the murder of Judy’s fiancé Steve, who Jen killed at the end of season 1. Through flashbacks, we learn that Jen killed Steve by bashing his head with a wooden bird in her robe pocket. (She tried to shoot him with a gun but didn’t have any bullets.) After...

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