Who Is David Harbour’s Wife? A Full Timeline of His Relationship History

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Who among us has not found themselves wondering, Just how far-fetched are my dreams of dating Jim Hopper? Let's face it, the man's a dreamboat. The good news is that the Stranger Things star isn't currently married (huzzah!). The bad news is that he's in a pretty serious relationship (boo). Here's everything we know about David Harbour's relationship history.

What's his current relationship status?

Harbour is officially off the market. He and British singer Lily Allen (sister of Alfie Allen, aka Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones) have been dating since at least October 2019 when they were spotted holding hands and kissing in New York City. The duo attended the SAG Awards together in January of this year, marking their red-carpet debut at a couple.


The actor has remained fairly private about this dating history, but there are at least three famous ladies who came before Allen—Alison Sudol, Julia Stiles and Maria Thayer.

Sudol and Harbour were dating as recently as May 2019, with Sudol posting a sweet photo of her and Harbour wearing matching T-shirts on Mothers Day in support of the non-profit The Mother Lovers. (The two don't have any children together, in case you were wondering.) You likely recognize Sudol either for her role as Queenie in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them or as the singer A Fine Frenzy. No word on why or when the couple split, but they did spend part of the Christmas holiday with one another and appear to remain close friends.

Between 2011 and 2015, Harbour was in a pretty serious relationship with none other than '90s film and feminist icon Julia Stiles. The two lived together in NYC for part of those four years, although their relationship somehow managed to fly under the radar (perhaps because Harbour wasn't as well known as he is now). Stiles most recently starred in Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu.

Last (or should we say first?) but not least is actress Maria Thayer. She and Harbour dated from 2009 to 2011, just after she appeared in Forgetting Sarah Marshall as Jack McBrayer's sexually frustrated new wife.

Has he ever been married?

Harbour has never been married, but there are rumors he and Maria Thayer were engaged. Unfortunately, we're unable to confirm whether that's true. We do know, however, that the relationship ended before they were able to tie the knot. In fact, it is also rumored that Harbour ended things with Thayer in order to pursue a relationship with Julia Stiles, although that has also remained unconfirmed.

Did he ever date Winona Ryder?

Despite the romantic spark between Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers, Harbour and Ryder themselves have always kept things platonic. In fact, the duo developed a rather close friendship over the course of filming multiple seasons of Stranger Things, as evidenced by the numerous wonderful things they've said about one another during press tours and by the things they post about one another on social media. Plus, Harbour's with Allen and Ryder's been with her boyfriend, fashion designer Scott Mackinlay Hahn, since 2011, so Hopper-Byers stans, please leave your shipping to the characters on the Netflix show.

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