David Beckham shares a photo of his makeover, courtesy of his daughter, Harper. Why experts praise the parenting moment.

David Beckham shared a photo of daughter, Harper Beckham, giving him a makeover. (Photo: Getty Images)
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David Beckham is game when it comes to a daddy makeover.

The former professional soccer player, 48, posted a photo to Instagram on Monday in which he referred to his daughter, 12-year-old Harper Beckham, as his "little makeup artist" as she applied products to his face.

"Daddy apparently needed a little powder & contouring," he captioned the photo of the sweet moment. "Not sure what that means but I looked better what ever it was."

Over one million "likes" later, commenters are thrilled by the photo and encouraging the tween to "Blend it like Beckham."

It wouldn't be the first time that a celebrity father-daughter moment received so much attention and love — specifically when involving an activity like applying beauty products, skincare or even dressing up. And experts say it's no surprise that it brings so much joy to family members and onlookers.

"Dads playing dress up and getting creative with their kids shows that they can be silly and imaginative, which is so important in a culture where men don't often get praised for showing this side of themselves," Emily Fiorelli, an associate therapist at Manhattan Wellness, tells Yahoo. "It also increases dads's chances to connect with their kids on things that interest the kids, meeting them where they are at and showing genuine interest and support for things that excite them."

In this case, a makeover would certainly be more in Victoria Beckham's wheelhouse, as the creator of a namesake beauty brand herself. Harper's dad, however, didn't seem reluctant to be in the glam chair.

"Leaning into more typically 'feminine' activities shows the kids that it is okay to challenge what we have been taught about the role of gender in play and imagination, which is especially important at an early age," Fiorelli explains.

Michele Borba, educational psychologist and author of Thrivers, adds that it's a signifier of the family's values of acceptance.

"It's just a matter of feeling kind of unconscious and authentic while having that moment with your child. It isn't a lecture. It's all in the spirit of fun and togetherness," Borba tells Yahoo. "What's so critical is that what we say as parents is not nearly as important as what we do. This sends a message about joy without the dad having to say a thing."

It's also important to recognize the influence that famous fathers like Beckham, Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum have on other parents when joining in on this type of fun with their kids.

"Celebrity dads showing up for their kids like this sets a great example for all dads, and all parents in general, on how connecting with their children can be easy and fun for everyone," Fiorelli says.

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