Daughter wants to be a doctor when she grows up

When Josie Robinson learned her daughter Journey wanted to be a doctor someday, the mom took things to the next level. Robinson transformed her daughter's entire bedroom into quite the elaborate doctor's office. There was a receptionist area that included a desk with a patient sign-in list, laptop, phone and even hand sanitizer. "Her laptop and phone don't work. They're just for pretend purposes," the mom said. Robinson organized a shelf with files, fake patient forms, clipboards and other supplies you'd expect to see. There was a scale, set of crutches and X-ray printouts on the walls. The mom even got her daughter an exam room where patients could get their physicals, as well as an optometry area and waiting room. Journey even had a fake diploma to certify that she was in fact a real pretend doctor. People were endeared by the detailed fantasy Robinson created for her daughter, and the video racked up 1.3 million likes